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Alcoholism Signs
Alcohol addiction is something that affects so many of us. In fact, in 2013, roughly 16.6 million adults in the US were reported to have an alcohol use disorder

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is something that affects so many of us. In fact, in 2013, roughly 16.6 million adults in the US were reported to have an alcohol use disorder of some type. While not every one of those 16.6 million is considered an “alcoholic,” the truth is alcoholism is prevalent and

Alcohol addiction is something that affects so many of us. In fact, in 2013, roughly 16.6 million adults in the US were reported to have an alcohol use disorder

Alcohol affects every organ in the drinker’s body and can damage a developing fetus. Intoxication can impair brain function and motor skills; heavy use can increase risk of certain cancers, stroke, and liver disease. Alcoholism or alcohol dependence is a diagnosable disease characterized by a strong craving for alcohol, and/or continued use despite harm or personal injury.

important to discuss. While one person may have a binging problem with alcohol and “grow out of it,” there are signs of alcoholism to look out for when drinking excessively seems to have no signs of stopping.

If you, or a friend or loved on exhibits any of these signs of alcoholism, please don’t be afraid to reach out and get help. Our drug and alcohol counselors are available to help and Ocean Hills Recovery has an excellent alcohol treatment program available.

“I need to drink in order to have fun or feel comfortable in social settings.”

Do you have problems controlling your drinking? Are you preoccupied with drinking? Or maybe you continue to drink even when it causes problems for you. Some people report needing to drink more alcohol in order to get the desired effect. Or maybe you begin to experience symptoms of withdrawal when you stop drinking, or drink less than you normally would. The compulsion or need to drink is a strong sign that you need help with your drinking habit before you cause harm to yourself or someone else. Beyond that, not being able to stop drinking once you begin is a strong sign that you have lost control over your drinking habits.

“I need to drink more to get drunk” – or – “If I don’t drink, I feel sick.”

Physical dependence and tolerance to alcohol are both signs of alcoholism. If you need to drink more and more in order to achieve the same level of “drunken-ness,” you have begun to develop a tolerance to alcohol. Likewise, if you experience withdrawal when you go without drinking for longer than you normally would, you may be becoming physically dependent on alcohol. In both of these cases, you may feel that you need to drink in order to feel “normal.”

There are other physical signs of alcoholism, including weight loss, GI issues and even redness of the nose and cheeks. If you feel as though your drinking is having an negative effect on your health, you need to get help before the physical damage of alcoholism gets worse.

“I don’t drink that much.”

Underestimating how much you drink or downplaying the negative effects of your drinking can be dangerous. Often times a person struggling with alcoholism will believe that others are exaggerating the “problem” or even blame their drinking on others. Others may lie or hide their drinking habits. If your friends or family are concerned about your drinking habits, it may be time to sit down and really evaluate how much you are drinking, how often, and also take a look at how your drinking affects you and others around you.

“Drinking didn’t cause that accident or argument.”

Putting yourself and others in a dangerous or risky situation after drinking is a major sign of alcoholism. If you’ve already experienced legal issues, such as getting arrested for your drinking, DUI, or even just being held at the police station secondary to your drinking, but you keep doing the same dangerous drinking behaviors, you need to get help with your drinking – before it’s too late.

“Drinking only affects me – not others around me.”

Relationships, school, financial or work troubles often occur secondary to alcoholism. Many times a person is able to hide their drinking problem for a certain length of time, however, eventually being late after drinking too much, or a drunken argument, or your health or legal issues, are going to have an impact on others around you. When you are drinking too much, you are likely neglecting responsibilities, whether work, school, family or financial.

“I can stop drinking whenever I want to…”

If you’ve said that you’ll quit drinking but you haven’t been able to stop, know that you are not alone. Many people think that they can stop drinking whenever they want, only to find themselves in a situation where they begin drinking excessively again because they “want to.” It’s important to realize that if you have been in a position where you believe that you can handle your drinking, but found later on that you cannot, alcohol abuse help is available for you.

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