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Heroin Addiction

Other names used: H, horse, junk, smack, black tar, dope, Boy, Decks, Bricks, etc.

Heroin is the among the nation’s top abused substances and one of the most addictive of the opiates. It’s presently rising in popularity particularly with young people who now consider it both “fashionable and glamorous. ” The drug has been identified over recent years with the music and fashion industry and has seen purity rise at decreased prices to users. READ MORE HERE


Club Drug Addiction

An ever-growing list of names: Ketamine, Special K, Ket, Kit Kat, Vitamin K, Rohypnol, Roofies, Forget-me-pill, XTC, Ecstasy, Adam, Clarity, GHB, Georgia Home Boy, Speed, Ice, Chalk, Crystal, Crank, Fire, Glass, Meth, Acid, Boomers, Yellow sunshine, many others. Club drugs tend to be used by teenagers and young adults at bars, nightclubs, concerts, and parties. Club drugs include GHB,Rohypnol®, ketamine, MDMA (Ecstasy),Methamphetamine, andLSD (Acid).


Cocaine Crack Addiction

Other names used: big C, coke, blow, nose candy, flake, white, lady. Once these stimulants are used in any form the dangerous game begins. Derived from the leaf of the coca plant, cocaine is processed into a white powder and passed along to street dealers and users. Initially, the powder form sometimes called coke, blow or C gained wide usage as an inhalant. The powdered form of cocaine is either inhaled through the nose (snorted), where it is absorbed through the nasal tissue, or dissolved in water and injected into the bloodstream. READ MORE HERE


Abuse of Inhalants

Other names used: Huff, sniff, kick, rush, poppers, ames, bang, laugh gas, whippets.

Many products readily found in the home or workplace—such as spray paints, markers, glues, and cleaning fluids—contain volatile substances that have psychoactive (mind-altering) properties when inhaled. People do not typically think of these products as drugs because they were never intended for that purpose. READ MORE HERE


Info on Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is made from the hemp plant, Cannabis sativa. The main psychoactive (mind-altering) chemical in marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Most drugs of abuse can alter a person’s thinking and judgment, leading to health risks, including addiction, drugged driving and infectious disease. Most drugs could potentially harm an unborn baby; pregnancy-related issues are listed in the chart below for drugs where there is enough scientific evidence to connect the drug use to specific negative effects. READ MORE HERE


Addiction to Meth amphetamines

Names used: Meth, speed, crank, crystal, ice, glass, uppers, tweak, black beauties.

Most widely referred to as “speed,” methamphetamine is closely related to amphetamine and it, too, is a stimulant that activates various systems within the brain. It is much more powerful than amphetamine and consequently works quicker and more dramatically on the central nervous system. Both drugs are used in the treatment of obesity but their addictive qualities have cut therapeutic applications in recent years. Meth circulated “on the street” is most commonly called “speed or crank. READ MORE HERE

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